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Client Testimonials


"We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Marling Leek Ltd over many years. They have supplied our webbing requirements, meeting our expectations for quality products at competitive prices.They have worked hard to understand our specific requirements, both in terms of the products and the extremely high level of service that we demand.They have consistently demonstrated an outstanding level of commitment. By ensuring that all of the elements, which in combination equate to the true cost of a product; price, quality, availability, service, reliability and technical back-up, are all at the highest level, Marling Leek have become a highly valued supplier"


“Our history with Marling Leek goes back to the earliest days of our company. Marling was one of the first web manufacturers we decided to partner with 20 years ago.  One reason they were selected was due to Marling’s expertise and leadership in the textile marketplace, both then and now.  The Executive Team that Marling has assembled allows for high level operational strategies to be discussed, agreed upon, and implemented.  They remain both a strategic and critical partner to our business and continue to perform  at a high level. Marling Leek demonstrates vision and leadership in their industry and I highly recommend them.   


"You are a company that we can trust ! You have right solutions for all questions that we clients have! It is a pleasure asking you something and have a great feedback from you! Thank you Marling Leek Team!"