All of our webbing made for lashing purposes are manufactured from 100% polyester and obtain low elongation properties versus polypropylene substitutes. They are a perfect solution for securing loads and preventing potential damage.

Lashing webbing is available in a variety of widths (25mm, 50mm and 75mm) to satisfy a wide range of applications including load restraint products like belts and straps. We can also manufacture to a specific colour, tenacity and thickness.

  • Our webbing suits a range of industries including truck, boat, rail, in plant logistics and cargo management.
  • Customisable webbing available, please see our technical webbing information for more details.

Unifixx One-way Lashings

The Unifixx one-way lashing systems are lightweight and load-securing, avoiding risk on heavy and expensive loads. They ensure continuous safe transport around the world.

  • Suitable webbing made for one-way transport requirements by rail, sea container, flat rack and other multimodal cargo movements.
  • Available in colours white and orange.


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