Flat Sling

Our flat sling webbing is manufactured from 100% high tenacity polyester webbing (PES). Our suggested end-use of our flat sling products cover sling types from single, duplex, endless and quadplex constructions.

To identify the lifting capacity of flat sling webbing clearly, each capacity in the EN 1492/1-2 has a specific colour and a stripe to represent each ton.

Product ID System Width (nom) Breaking Strength (min) Weight (per meter) Thickness (nom) ID Markers and Standard Colour Dye Treatment
51091 2T 50mm >9000kg 167 3.15mm Pigment
51093 3T 79mm 13500kg 233 3.4mm Pigment
51094 4T 100mm >18000kg 315 3.15mm Pigment
51101 1T 30mm >4500kg 84 2.85mm 1 Pigment
51102 2T 60mm >9000kg 171 2.75mm 2 Pigment
51103 3T 90mm >13500kg 251 3mm 3 Pigment
51104 4T 126.5mm 18000kg 359 3.3mm 4 Pigment
51105 5T 150mm >22500kg 445 3.5mm 5 Pigment
51106 6T 180mm >27000kg 520 3mm 6 Pigment
51108 8T 240mm >36000kg 720 3mm 8 Pigment
51110 10T 315mm 50,000kg 945 4.2mm 10 Pigment
51112 12T 117.5mm 60,000kg 1135 4.4mm Pigment
51030 ANY 100mm N/A 78g 0.95mm Blue Pigment
55017 ANY 175mm N/A 193g 1.45mm Blue Pigment

All web material is made from 100% polyester


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