Height Safety

Most of our height safety webbing is manufactured from 100% water repellent polyester. We have a variety of different webbings available including elasticated, anti-static, glow in the dark and bi-colours that are perfect for harness and lanyards.

Our webbing has been extensively tested to provide 10 years usage from date of manufacture.

  • We did additional UV tests that simulated long UV exposure on harness and lanyard webbing
  • The results showed that the breaking loads on our webbing were between 85-98% of their original value, against the minimum requirement of 70%. They were tested against the stringent Australasian standard AS/NZS 1891.1

In addition to the various technical options, webbing is also available in a wide range of colours and we can make our webbing bespoke for our customers (a minimum order quantity for non-standard colours will apply). Available in a variety of widths ranging from 26 – 75mm.

Product ID Width (nom) Breaking Strength (min) Weight (GSM) Thickness (nom) Standard colour(s) Extension Dye Treatment
50108 75mm N/A 118g 1.85mm Black N/A Spundyed
50123 44mm 2600kg 62g 1.45mm Red with black ID markers 6.5 – 9% at 1000kg Disperse
50125 48mm 3700kg 83g 1.8mm Black with red ID markers 7 – 9.5% at 1000kg Disperse
50128R (Glow) 43.5mm 2650kg 67g 1.6mm Glow yellow, Glow orange 6.5 – 8.75% at 1000kg Disperse
50128 43.5mm 2850kg 67g 1.6mm Golden yellow 6.5 – 8.75% at 1000kg Disperse
50466 47.5mm 4000kg 85g 1.8mm Dayglow green, Dayglow yellow N/A Disperse
50610 26mm N/A 73g 3.3mm White As per trace <6kg Loomstate
50615 26mm N/A 57g 2.65mm White N/A Loomstate
C50710 49mm N/A 118g 2.8mm White N/A Loomstate
50831 37mm 2900kg 63g 2mm Yellow 11% at 1000kg Disperse
51123 44mm 2600kg 62g 1.45mm Orange, black 6.5 – 9% at 1000kg Disperse

All web material is made from 100% polyester


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