All of our lashing webbings are made from 100% polyester heavy duty webbing and obtain low elongation properties versus polypropylene substitutes. They are a perfect solution for securing loads and preventing potential damage.

Lashing webbing is available in a variety of widths (25mm, 50mm, and 75mm) to satisfy a wide range of applications including load restraint products like belts and straps.

Product ID Width (nom) Breaking Strength (min) Weight (per meter) Thickness (nom) Standard colour(s) Extension Dye Treatment
50121 43.75mm 2300kg 54g 1.25mm Grey Black Red Royal Blue N/A Disperse
50155 25mm 2100kg 43g 1.65mm Blue 10 – 14% at 1000kg Disperse
50271 46.5mm 2700kg 52g 1.1mm Grey Black Red Royal Blue 0 – 8% at 1000kg Disperse
50344 35mm 3000kg 58g 1.7mm Blue Orange 4.5 – 7% at 1000kg Pigment
50420 25mm 1300kg 22g 1mm Black Red Blue N/A Pigment
50480 SD 43.5mm 3000kg 62g 1.5mm Black 4 – 6.5% at 1000kg Spun Dyed
50480 DD 43.5mm 2850kg 66g 1.6mm Black N/A Disperse
50480 PD 44.5mm 3000kg 63g 1.6mm Blue N/A Pigment
50500 48.75mm 6000kg 102g 2.05mm Blue Orange N/A Pigment
50510 48.75mm 6000kg 97g 2mm Blue Orange 4 – 6.5% at 2000kg Pigment
50512 48.75mm 5500kg 97g 2mm Glow Yellow Glow Orange N/A Disperse
50515 49.5mm 6000kg 105g 2.19mm Blue N/A Pigment
50762 50mm 7500kg 122g 2.65mm Blue Orange 3 – 7% at 1000kg Pigment
51140 50mm 3000kg 64g 1.55mm Blue Orange Black N/A Pigment

All web material is made from 100% polyester


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