Proud to be UK manufacturers of the first automotive and aviation seatbelts, we remain to this day the world’s leading manufacturer of the aircraft and vehicle webbing. Today, we offer various widths, lengths and styles to suit the customer’s requirements.

Suppliers of FIA approved seatbelt harnesses – FIA uses our webbing to make seatbelt harnesses for Formula 1 and rally cars.

We also produce both adult and child seatbelt webbing with widths ranging from 25 – 50mm.

Product ID Width (nom) Breaking Strength (min) Weight (GSM) Thickness (nom) Standard colour(s) Extension Dye Treatment
50655 26mm 1400kg 34g 1.25mm Black (and various other colours) N/A Disperse
51061 38mm 1600kg 35g 0.9mm Black 4.5 – 7% at 454kg Disperse
51806 46mm 2400kg 56g 1.15mm Black N/A Disperse
51950 49mm 2721kg 68.8g 1.52mm (+/- 0.1) Black (and various other colours) N/A Steam impregnated
51952 48mm 2721kg 61.2kg 1.2mm Black 5 – 8% at 1000kg Disperse
51967 47mm 2700kg 58g 1.2mm Grey Black N/A Disperse

All web material is made from 100% polyester


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