In addition to our high tenacity lashing webbing, we also offer the Unifixx one-way lashing webbing. The Unifixx one-way lashing systems are lightweight and load-securing, avoiding risk on heavy and expensive loads. Unifixx is a single use lashing.

Unifixx combines low cost with safe transport and over the last decade it has replaced traditional products such as ropes and chains. They are suitable for securing loads on crates, pallets, containers and wagons and each system can be supplied in combination with buckles and tensioners. Widths ranging from 25 – 50mm.

Product ID Width (nom) Breaking Strength (min) daN Weight (per meter) Thickness (nom) Standard colour(s) Extension
W225 26mm 2250 42.4g 1.8mm Ecru N/A
W323 32mm 2300 47g 1.7mm Ecru <7% at 767daN
W435 40mm 3500 64g 1.6mm Ecru <7% at 1167daN
W450 40mm 5000 83g 2mm Orange <7% at 1167daN
W523 49.5mm 2300 46g 1.1mm White N/A
W550 50mm 5000 88g 1.8mm Orange <7% at 2000daN
W560 50mm 6000 98.1g 2mm Orange Ecru <7% at 2000daN
W575 50mm 7500 124g 2mm Ecru <7% at 2500daN

All web material is made from 100% polyester


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